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Webinar: FX Risk & Management for Canadian Importers: Introducing Certainty in Uncertain Times.

Published September 27, 2017

Presented on July 6, 2017 by Jared Burns, VP FX Risk Management.

Do you know what would happen to your business if the US dollar gained another 3 cents on Canada?

What about 5 cents? More?

Using a real life example, this webinar takes a look at the impact that currency volatility is having on Canadian importers in today’s economy. Through this example, we outline some best practices that businesses can use to protect themselves from negative currency swings (while remaining open to opportunities for maximizing their revenue).

This webinar should help you:

– Assess how currency volatility affects your business and profit margins

– Identify the tools available to manage foreign exchange requirements

– Understand the basics of implementing these tools strategically to protect profit margins and maximize revenue


We are offering open, no strings consulting to businesses facing FX uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic.