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Webinar: Why Currency Matters to Importers and Exporters

Published March 5, 2018

Presented by Paul Wiens of EncoreFX for the Winnipeg World Trade Centre’s online training series.

Embarking on a path to international business can be daunting. There are many risks to consider, including country risk, political risk, regulatory risk, and currency risk. Currency risk is often something that is overlooked or seen as a “cost of doing business”, but in this webinar we explore how currency risk has the potential of impacting a Canadian business that is importing or exporting and share what they can do to limit negative impacts on their company.

This webinar is intended for an audience that is new to importing or exporting and/or is unfamiliar with the concept of currency risk. Following the webinar, viewers should:

  • Understand what currency risk is
  • Be aware of the most common business approaches to managing currency risk


We are offering open, no strings consulting to businesses facing FX uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic.