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International Payments

EncoreFX meets a wide range of FX needs from spot transactions and payments to your suppliers to cost-effective risk management strategies.

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Expertly-managed accounts, flexible products, and competitive rates.

When it comes to making international payments, we understand the importance of speed, accuracy and reliability.
EncoreFX offers a suite of premium foreign exchange solutions, supported by accredited local foreign exchange experts that work closely with you to understand your business and create a strategy for long-term success centred around your international payment needs.

Let EncoreFX upgrade the way you manage your international payments.


  • Save money with competitive rates and fees
  • Pay foreign suppliers effectively with a range of currency and payment options
  • Relax with hands-on support from payment professionals
  • Streamline your payments with flexible solutions that match your changing needs
  • Book at your convenience with our Industry-leading online platform


EncoreFX has processes and flexibilities that are non-standard in banking, providing the ability to send payments in more currencies, in less time, and at better rates than most financial institutions.

When you partner with EncoreFX, you have access to:

  • Competitive spreads and low transfer fees
  • Access to over 150 currencies
  • Flexible settlement terms
  • A full suite of premium FX products typically only reserved for large organizations
  • Experienced FX professionals who understand your distinct requirements
  • Personalized, client service and on-going support
  • An intuitive online payments platform with spot and forwards capabilities
  • Ease of processing the trade with quick turnaround of funds

Let EncoreFX upgrade the way you manage your international payments.

We are offering open, no strings consulting to businesses facing FX uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic.