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Take International Payments into your own hands with our industry-leading online platform There is no doubt that we live in. READ MORE

Take International Payments into your own hands with our industry-leading online platform

There is no doubt that we live in an online economy, yet financial institutions continue to offer payment platforms that are complicated, difficult to navigate, and lack much-needed functionality for corporates, placing unnecessary limitations on the way international payments and Foreign Exchange (FX) are done.


We set out to change the industry norms. We have taken some of our premium FX services and made them available online through a powerful, yet intuitive environment. We worked closely with industry-leading consumer Interface design teams, to provide the same sort of simplicity and intuition across a B2B payments platform.


As a result, Express creates an ease of access to FX risk management and international payments solutions, effectively saving you time and helping you manage your cross-border transactions more efficiently.

$ 1 B

On behalf of our clients since 2015.

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Throughout North America & APAC

Express boasts industry-leading features like the ability to bulk upload payments and drawdown or pre-deliver on contracts.

The Benefits are Clear

Save time

With over 150 currencies, multiple payment options, and the ability to book even complex payments such as Forwards with simplicity, Express empowers you to book your transactions wherever, whenever. Upload and store beneficiary information for repeat use, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Work with your existing financial provider

EncoreFX Express integrates seamlessly with your current banking relationships, allowing funds to easily be transferred between your accounts and our online platform.

Book payments with confidence

Unlike many other payment platforms, you are not left alone. We support your account with an accredited FX professional to advise you and help manage your transactions.
Live rate quotes, upfront fees and payment options ensure that you know what rates and fees you are paying and how your payment is getting there.

  • Simple and Intuitive Interface
  • Self-Service Foreign Exchange (FX)
  • Accurate rate quotes in real-time
  • Spot & Forward: lock in rates for existing or future needs
  • Bulk upload up to 500 payments
  • Enter and fund payments in over 150 International currencies
  • Pay with new or existing deals
  • Enter and manage your own beneficiaries
  • Transaction History and Deal Reports
  • Approval hierarchies on payments and added benefices

What sets EncoreFX apart?

"EncoreFX immediately treated us like we were an important customer. They were the first foreign exchange desk I’ve ever worked with who took the time to go through our challenges and really find a way to make things work."
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To the Clients of EncoreFX:


It is with much regret that we inform you that EncoreFX’s (the “Company”) offices are suspending trading effective immediately.

This suspension will give the Company time to consider its restructuring alternatives. The restructuring has become necessary as a number of customers to whom the Company granted credit have defaulted on their obligations to the Company due mainly, we believe, to the rapid changes in the FX market caused by the coronavirus pandemic.


In order to provide stakeholders with transparency, the Company has filed an assignment in bankruptcy pursuant to Section 49(1) of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (Canada) (the “BIA”) with respect to its Canadian operations and has assigned its Australian and New Zealand subsidiaries in Voluntary Administration in Australia and New Zealand. 


Ernst & Young has been appointed as the licensed insolvency trustee (the “Trustee”) in Canada and as the Administrator in Australia. 


Once the Trustee, working with the Company, has determined the best options for the Company and its stakeholders it will share that information with you. Information pertaining to the bankruptcy of EncoreFX will be available, in due course, on the Trustee’s website at: