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Increase your knowledge with helpful articles and guides written by our FX professionals.

Creating a Written FX Hedging Policy

Introduction This month we look at Creating a Written FX Hedging Policy, where we examine the necessary key elements for writing…

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Enhanced Rate Instruments

  Welcome to the next installment in our CFO Series of articles, where we are covering best practice foreign exchange…

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Foreign Exchange Risk Series

Currency fluctuation can have a significant impact on your business. Let’s change that. Does your business have significant sales from…

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When should a business adopt Hedge Accounting?

Adoption of Hedge Accounting under Accounting Standards for Private Enterprise

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2019 Currency Market Preview

The 2019 Currency Market Preview. A look at a volatile year ahead.

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Choosing a Hedging Instrument

If you’ve been following our CFO Series of articles, you’ve hopefully developed a best practice strategy for managing your FX…

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Budgeted Rates and Hedge Ratios

Introduction In March, we introduced the FX Hedging Cycle – a five-step approach to managing foreign exchange risk – to…

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The FX Hedging Cycle – How to Embed Best Practice

Introduction For those that have been following our CFO Series this year, you might recall from our 2018 Currency Market…

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Why Hedge? Four common approaches to FX risk management

Introduction to Hedging Before we look at the key topic of this article (why businesses hedge), it is important to…

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