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Corporate Foreign Exchange (FX) Consultant/ Specialist – Vancouver, BC

Published January 29, 2020

What’s the Job?

Our clients represent a mix of mid-sized businesses from a wide span of industries – like manufacturing, agriculture, energy, not-for-profit, and transportation – where the common thread is use of international currencies. They may sell products or services internationally, they may import goods, or they may have operations that otherwise require exchanging and/or sending global currencies cross-border. Regardless of their model, an unforeseen rise or fall in exchange rates can seriously challenge their business.

We are hiring an addition to our sales and dealing team, comprised of financial professionals who put strategies in place to reduce the likelihood of currency moves hurting a business. These strategies are known by some as hedging, but it’s really much more than that. It’s making the complex simple; it’s finding like-minded companies that need to exchange foreign currency and initiating a relationship with them; it’s putting strategies in place to protect a client’s bottom line and allow them to capitalize when the market moves in their favour; it’s finding ways to improve a client’s experience or take work off of their plate. Ultimately, it’s treating a client so well that they start to see you as an extension of their team.

In this role, you could be found doing any or all of these things on any given day:

  • Initiating new relationships with businesses that are unfamiliar with EncoreFX, and exploring the potential of working together
  • Analyzing currency markets and economic events, and communicating with clients how recent changes may affect their foreign exchange (FX) strategy
  • Using your awareness of our target market to help you find new businesses to connect with
  • Developing an FX strategy for a client and presenting it to their senior executives
  • Attending an introductory meeting with a potential client to understand how their business works and how it’s influenced by FX
  • Building and booking currency trades on behalf of clients
  • Attending a networking event or trade-show to connect with business owners and finance professionals and learn about current challenges affecting the group or industry
  • Attending a meeting at a client’s place of business to discuss expansion plans and collaborating on any changes to their FX policy

This role provides the opportunity to make a lot of money, but you should ultimately be motivated by achievement and client success over income alone.

About EncoreFX – What Makes Us Different?

An established provider of currency exchange, FX risk management, and international payment solutions for businesses, EncoreFX is also one of the Globe and Mail’s Fastest Growing Companies in 2019.

EncoreFX is the “encore” of a previous company – Custom House – which was Canada’s largest non-bank FX provider and a global business of over 650 employees prior to its sale in 2009. We were founded in 2015 by many of the same individuals responsible for Custom House’s growth and success.

What this means: EncoreFX offers the stability of a tenured 20-year business paired with the excitement, ambition, and innovation of a start-up. We set out to do FX differently, and to say we’ve been disruptive in the market would be an understatement. In five years, we have grown to a staff of over 170 people in 4 countries – Canada, the USA, Australia, and New Zealand – with a shared mission and vision. We value long term clients over short-term profits and have built our company with people and culture as the foundation.

Because of our fast-paced growth, we favour collaboration, autonomy, and entrepreneurial decision-making over strict top-down management. We consistently ask for input and feedback from our sales and dealing team, as they are especially well-equipped to recommend improvements on behalf of our clients.

Who Should Apply

While FX experience is an asset and many people on our sales and dealing team have degrees in finance or economics, you might be inspired to know that some of our best came from varied past professions. We have former financial planners, customer service aficionados, insurance brokers, and entrepreneurs, to name a few.

Previous sales experience (and skills) are definitely helpful, but old school sales methodologies (i.e. “always be closing”, dialing for dollars, a take no prisoners mentality, etc.) are not. You should be insanely curious about businesses. You won’t propose to have all the answers, but you do have the confidence to offer help where it’s warranted. As a result, you enjoy creating new business relationships and you’ll do it in a way that puts the other person first.

EncoreFX is a people business; we are invested in our relationships and our people who build them. We won’t put you into an “our perfect candidate” box, because we refuse to stunt our own growth. Ultimately, you will be a great fit if you are motivated to help others, interested in finance and businesses, confident, assertive, honest, driven, and self-aware. Please consider applying if you see yourself in this description – we’d love to see the other unique qualities and skills you’d bring to EncoreFX.

What Happens After You Apply? Setting Expectations

If you’re interested in what this role has to offer, please submit your resume, including relevant experience and a cover letter to We’ll reach out to candidates we feel would excel at EncoreFX– only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

If chosen, expect an initial phone interview with our SVP Sales and/or the branch manager in your region. As a standard step in our recruiting process, we ask candidates to complete an assessment regarding their behavioral preferences at work. This helps us identify candidates who fit well with our company and culture and ensures that we provide new hires with roles and responsibilities that are a good match with their natural preferences. New hires can expect training to maximize their individual success. We take pride in helping to develop our people to be their best versions; as such, learning and professional development is a regular and ongoing process.